Steve Rhinelander

Steve Rhinelander

Author of Mysteries and Alternate Histories

About the Author

Steve Rhinelander was born and raised in Wisconsin.  Throughout his adult life, he has studied Canadian history as a hobby.  He is particularly interested in the 1600s and 1700s, when explorers, fur traders, and missionaries from Quebec began to make contact with the indigenous peoples of the Great Lakes region.  He has retired from a career as an attorney in Washington, D.C., and now lives in Michigan with his wonderful and supportive wife, Laurie, a large collection of 1950s rockabilly music, and a bobble head doll of Milwaukee Brewer great Robin Yount on his desk.  Poutine and Gin is his debut novel.

Poutine and Gin

Poutine and Gin is a mystery set in an alternate history in which the French won the French and Indian War.  Almost two centuries later, on the eve of World War II, Samuel de Champlain Le Pelleteur is a hard-boiled detective in Green Bay, part of an independent Republic of Quebec.  The young, brilliant, and insightful Sophie Marleau works as Le Pelleteur’s secretary, but yearns to become a private detective herself. 

When the head of a shipping company with an uncanny resemblance to Le Pelleteur’s ex-fiancée hires the detective to look into a string of Native American artwork thefts, the investigation leads Sophie and Le Pelleteur into a complex plot of international intrigue.  

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